Give a quick makeover to your space with these 5 best selling rugs

Revamping of your house or especially the living room area can be really crucial. No matter how necessary or appealing the idea of a makeover of your living space may sound, it might take several days and in some cases even months if you do not have the correct planning sketched out.

There are several ways most people opt for renovating their households. However, these processes can be really time-consuming and sometimes affect your budget adversely.

  1. Rearrangement of your furniture: Though rearranging the furniture occupying the space may sound intriguing, performing the task can become an ordeal. You will require extra manpower and even a huge time will be consumed in rearranging everything again to restore decorum of the house.
  2. Repainting of the walls: Surely repainting of the walls will restore liveliness and everything around will look new and refreshing. Apparently, it isn’t that easy as repainting of all the rooms may take months and will also affect your pocket greatly.

Nevertheless, you can take the help of rugs to overhaul your space without affecting your budget and will also add an extra tinge of color to the interior designing of your house. Some of the tips you need to take care of when buying the correct rug for your space are:

  • When purchasing a rug for your living room area make sure it borders the area of the floor. You can add some cushions of contrasting colors picked up from your rug to the sofa to set the color coordination of the room.
  • While selecting a rug for the dining space make sure it is large enough to accommodate the dining table and the chairs properly.
  • Use light colors in small rooms to make them appear bigger.
  • To add a sense of texture to space, go for rugs with small patterns.

Introducing some of the best selling rugs from Taj rugs that you can consider buying:

1. Istikal rugs: The floral Persian design of the rug will add warmth to your space.

2. Patara rugs: This is best-suited for a transitional feeling of the modern look coupled with the extra touch of woolen comfort.

3. Athens rugs: Take in the vigor of the Victorian art form combined with French history with this Athens rugs collection.

4. Nain rugs: Persian floral patterns etched on the ivory and red pieces will add a sense of grandeur to your space.

5. Jasmine rugs: To add a vintage look to your living space this rug can be a perfect choice.

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