5 Reasons why you need to add rugs to your space

 “Rugs are the new cool” which the interior designers have been keeping a secret since very long now. Adding rugs to your living space can automatically enhance the appearance of the floors in your house and add life to space.

At Taj Rugs, we serve you with the designs that will perfectly match with the ambiance of your place. Our customer care services are readily available to serve with the appropriate color patterns, sizes, and patterns that will fit perfectly to embrace the look of your place. To ensure the accuracy of the rugs before you buy them, we have home trial services readily available for you. Also, the artists at Taj Rugs work hard to restore the grandeur of your worn out rugs. Let us now look at all the reasons as to why you should buy rugs from Taj Rugs to decorate your living space.

 1. Rugs protect the floorboards: Be it a floor covered with carpet or made up of hardwood, rugs are the best to protect the surface against spills and stains. Also, if you have kids in your house, spreading rugs all over the floors can automatically work as their protection too. They are easy to clean and are extremely durable too.

2. Add an extra tinge to the color theme: Rugs not only change the appearance of the room but also tend to change the color schemes. You can buy light colored rugs for the summer season, while the darker shades can be used during winter.

3. Light up the dark room: Rugs can be the best in a rented apartment where you cannot alter the light settings. However, when you add rugs to the dark floors they automatically brighten up the room imparting a well-lit appearance.

4. They warm your house up: During the cold winter seasons, when the rugs are spread across the floorboards, they impart warmth. There is no better feeling than to walk on the warmness of the rugs. Therefore, rugs are a must buy as they make your place appear stylish and benefit you in other ways too.

5. They will never run out of fashion: The rugs can impart a timeless feeling to your room. A simple woolen rug or one with a small floral pattern can automatically enhance the appearance of your living room or the bedroom too. Rugs never really run out of fashion they can be always to add to the look of the house.

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