Brilliant tips to place rugs based on your space layout

Choosing the perfect rug can be very difficult as it can either make the room look styled by a designer or the incorrect one can really eat-up the appearance. It is also very important to create a balance between comfort and styling to complete the living space as a whole. Here are some of the brilliant ideas for you to know about the correct placement of the rugs according to the space layout.


Rugs in the Living room:

Let us begin by creating an inviting living room space by adding some warmth and comfort underneath the furniture.

Rugs in the Living room

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All legs on the rug:

This rug placement style is best-suited for an open space area, where all the furniture is placed on the rug and away from the walls. This look can be achieved with a rug of measurements 2.5m by 3.5m.

  • Furniture’s front leg on In this set up all the pieces of furniture are placed against the wall and the rug is placed underneath only their front legs.

Furniture’s front leg on

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Rugs in the Dining Space:

The arrangement of the dining space is very important to convey the message of intimacy. It is also very important to choose the correct rug according to the shape of the room and the table. For the rectangular dining table shapes, you should always pick the rectangular rugs, whereas for the round table you should go for the circular rugs. Mismatching in this area will create a disaster. You need to take the measurement of the rug properly as to place the entire furniture on it, even when the chairs are pushed back they should remain on the rug itself.

Rugs in the Dining Space:

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Rug arrangement in the Bedroom:

While placing a rug in your bedroom, you need to keep in mind that the bed should be our focal point. Based on the positioning of the bed, the rug/rugs should be spread underneath or beside.


  • All legs of the bed on For this set-up of the rug, you need to keep in mind that the bed and the alongside table should be placed on the rug. Keeping the dressers or wardrobes out of the focus, this will give an encompassing look to your room.
  • On either side: If the placement of the bed is against one wall of the room, you can place a rug on the other side. But while making this arrangement you need to make sure that the runner doesn’t touch the foot of the bed.

  • Just the front legs: In this arrangement, the rug covers a 2/3rd area of the bed just shying away from the nightstand. To achieve this look make sure the rug extends 45-60 cm around the periphery of the bed.

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